Values FingerPrintTM Analysis

Define Your Values and Discover Your Purpose

Knowing your values and living in alignment with them can transform your life. With the Values Fingerprint™ Analysis, you can identify your top values and understand how your values shape your experiences.

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The Values Fingerprint™ Analysis is a framework for describing who you are based on your values. Our values are a key part of who we are, but we don’t often take the time to sit down and systematically evaluate what’s most important to us — and why.

This exercise works across all cultures, religions, genders, and life experiences. No matter your background, the Values Fingerprint Analysis will get to the heart of who you are and what matters most to you as a human being.

What are the benefits of the Values Fingerprint Analysis?

The Values Fingerprint Analysis helps you identify your top values — so what? The reason this analysis is so powerful is that it helps you reflect on your past, understand your present circumstances, and plan for your future.

  • Past — Where did my values come from? When did they show up in my life? How did they shape my past relationships and decisions?
  • Present — How did my values get me to where I am today?
  • Future — What would living in alignment with my values look like? How can I surround myself with people who share my values?

This exercise improves both personal and professional performance. Understanding your values will help you select the right romantic partner and better understand your partner’s values and motivations. At work, the Values Fingerprint Analysis will help you find a job at a company with similar values. If you’re in sales, it will help you speak directly to customers’ values during your pitches.

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I’ve made significant progress in my relationships in mere weeks. I have more progress to make, but I’m getting somewhere. I feel like I have a full tank of gas, the sunshine, and roadside assistance whenever I need it. I’ve waited 32 years for this kind of clarity. Thank you, Relationship Wealth™ Enterprises. – Kelly – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

Your Relationship Wealth™ coach will stand by you as your personal trainer, moral support, close friend — whoever you need. You’ll begin to understand that you aren’t defined by your hang-ups — you’re free to start fresh. My thanks to my coach for helping me through self-realizations and deeply-rooted hang-ups. – Kelly – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

I learned that being open and up-front about things is much easier to deal with than the consequences of withholding critical information that can impact the quality of a relationship. By not communicating in truth, you taint every aspect of the relationship. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

These lessons helped me realize that I am responsible for teaching others how to treat me, especially in my close relationships — kids, siblings, parents, and friends. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

The most important benefit I experienced was respect for myself and increased self-esteem. Through Relationship Wealth Enterprises, I learned how to accept who I am and the things I’ve done in life — both the “good” and the “bad. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

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What is included in the Values Fingerprint Analysis package?

The Values Fingerprint Analysis begins with a list of almost 400 values and helps you zero in on your top 10 using a proven and systematic process. Once you identify your top values, you’ll dig deeper, exploring relevant questions and prompts.

Because we’ve seen how powerful and transformative this framework is, we include the Values Fingerprint Analysis in every single program we offer. Explore our programs, and invest in a Values Fingerprint Analysis today.

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