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Build a High Performance Team and a Strong Company Culture

We work with organizations across various industries and fields to improve performance and nurture a strong company culture. Explore our Professional Performance Coaching programs for companies:

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F-I-B-E-R™ Sales

A healthy and effective sales process not only improves a salesperson’s individual performance — it also boosts the whole team environment. F-I-B-E-R™ Sales Performance Coaching helps sales representatives effectively connect with customers on a deeper, more genuine level, leading to:

  • Increased overall sales
  • Better closing rates
  • More referrals

This program also gives managers a better capacity for training and more consistent standards for performance. When you invest in F-I-B-E-R Sales Performance Coaching, you’ll be able to set more accurate sales KPIs — and you’ll be better equipped to reach (and exceed) those KPIs.

We work with sales teams across a variety of industries and fields. If you sell something — we can help you craft a higher functioning sales environment.


It’s time to go beyond typical diversity and inclusion training. Inclusion Performance Coaching is a new type of DEI training course with a leadership and performance angle. This program is designed to cultivate a human-centered work environment where all employees are included, empowered, and motivated.

Each of us has a unique mindset and valuable perspectives shaped by our experiences. This program helps organizations celebrate differences while addressing the human biases and prejudices we all inherently have. This Inclusion Performance Coaching program brings proven results, including:

  • Increased teamwork within the organization
  • More problem solving
  • Less conflict
  • A stronger culture that is directly tied to the company’s brand and values
  • Increased employee performance and retention

Unlike other DEI programs, Inclusion Performance Training is tied to your bottom line. Throughout the program, we consider the ways in which DEI topics relate directly to your company’s financial performance and overall organizational health.

Contact us to schedule a leadership-focused, results-driven DEI workshop with your employees.

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I’ve made significant progress in my relationships in mere weeks. I have more progress to make, but I’m getting somewhere. I feel like I have a full tank of gas, the sunshine, and roadside assistance whenever I need it. I’ve waited 32 years for this kind of clarity. Thank you, Relationship Wealth™ Enterprises. – Kelly – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

Your Relationship Wealth™ coach will stand by you as your personal trainer, moral support, close friend — whoever you need. You’ll begin to understand that you aren’t defined by your hang-ups — you’re free to start fresh. My thanks to my coach for helping me through self-realizations and deeply-rooted hang-ups. – Kelly – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

I learned that being open and up-front about things is much easier to deal with than the consequences of withholding critical information that can impact the quality of a relationship. By not communicating in truth, you taint every aspect of the relationship. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

These lessons helped me realize that I am responsible for teaching others how to treat me, especially in my close relationships — kids, siblings, parents, and friends. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

The most important benefit I experienced was respect for myself and increased self-esteem. Through Relationship Wealth Enterprises, I learned how to accept who I am and the things I’ve done in life — both the “good” and the “bad. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

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