Professional Performance Coaching
For Individuals

Define Your Personal Brand and Achieve your Career Goals

Are you satisfied with your career, or are you looking for a change? Maybe you’re looking for better pay and benefits, or more tools for success in the workplace. We work with professionals in all industries across all levels, from early-career to executives. Discover our Professional Performance Coaching programs:

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Professional Development

Professional Performance Coaching is for go-getters who want more out of their work life. We help individuals work towards any type of career goal, including:

  • Finding a new job
  • Achieving a promotion or raise at your current job
  • Figuring out what type of job aligns with your goals and values
  • Improving your work relationships
  • Transitioning to a new field or industry

This program focuses on valuable, practical topics such as professional branding, leadership skills, crafting a strong resume, polishing your interview skills, and more. Tools we use in Professional Performance Coaching include:

  • Values Fingerprint™ Analysis — Identify your top personal values, and learn how to find a job with a company whose organizational values align with yours.
  • Universal Currency™ — Crack the code of communicating effectively in interviews, and leverage your new personal branding to earn a great new job.

If you’re ready to take your career to new heights, reach out today!

I’ve made significant progress in my relationships in mere weeks. I have more progress to make, but I’m getting somewhere. I feel like I have a full tank of gas, the sunshine, and roadside assistance whenever I need it. I’ve waited 32 years for this kind of clarity. Thank you, Relationship Wealth™ Enterprises. – Kelly – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

Your Relationship Wealth™ coach will stand by you as your personal trainer, moral support, close friend — whoever you need. You’ll begin to understand that you aren’t defined by your hang-ups — you’re free to start fresh. My thanks to my coach for helping me through self-realizations and deeply-rooted hang-ups. – Kelly – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

I learned that being open and up-front about things is much easier to deal with than the consequences of withholding critical information that can impact the quality of a relationship. By not communicating in truth, you taint every aspect of the relationship. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

These lessons helped me realize that I am responsible for teaching others how to treat me, especially in my close relationships — kids, siblings, parents, and friends. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

The most important benefit I experienced was respect for myself and increased self-esteem. Through Relationship Wealth Enterprises, I learned how to accept who I am and the things I’ve done in life — both the “good” and the “bad. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

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F-I-B-E-R™ Sales

Feature-benefit selling is a classic and effective sales model. The F-I-B-E-R™ framework takes feature-benefit selling to the next level, helping you connect with customers quicker and see results right away, including:

  • Increased overall sales
  • Better closing rate
  • More referrals

F-I-B-E-R Sales Performance Coaching uses our Values Fingerprint™ Analysis and Universal Currency™ to help you sell more without sales gimmicks, manipulation, or sleazy selling. The goal is simple — to connect with customers faster and on a deeper level than ever before by being genuine and offering true value.

Reach out today for more information, and check out our F-I-B-E-R Sales Performance Coaching for sales teams.

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