Personal Performance Coaching
For Individuals

Discover Who You Are and Unlock Your True Potential

Many individuals come to us feeling stuck in ineffective and unhealthy patterns — in relationships, at work, and in life in general. Our Personal Performance Coaching programs help you understand your old patterns and find a new way forward toward success and satisfaction. Find the program that best fits your situation:

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Personal Development

It’s normal to feel “stuck” sometimes, but if you’re feeling lost, discouraged, or aimless — we want to help. Personal Development Performance Coaching is for those who are:

  • Wanting more out of life
  • Going through relationship challenges and/or divorce
  • Stressed about conflict — personally or professionally
  • Experiencing a major life transition

This program is designed to help you understand who you are and what you want. With our Values Fingerprint™ Analysis, you’ll identify your top personal values and explore how those values have influenced your past successes and failures. You’ll also learn about Universal Currency™, an idea that will transform the way you communicate and connect with others.

Ultimately, Personal Development Performance Coaching is about empowerment and helping you move toward your goals with a sense of clarity and purpose.

Relationship Building

We work with individuals who have a pattern of failed relationships and are wondering what went wrong and what they could have done differently to make the relationship work. This program is for those who are:

  • Losing hope in relationships
  • Seeking clarity and accuracy in choosing a partner
  • Picking up the pieces after a divorce
  • Wanting more or better from their relationship

Our Relationship Building Performance Coaching tools help you understand what you really want out of a relationship — and how to get it:

This program will have a transformative effect on your current and future relationships, helping you build connections and deepen intimacy with people whose values align with yours.

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I’ve made significant progress in my relationships in mere weeks. I have more progress to make, but I’m getting somewhere. I feel like I have a full tank of gas, the sunshine, and roadside assistance whenever I need it. I’ve waited 32 years for this kind of clarity. Thank you, Relationship Wealth™ Enterprises. – Kelly – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

Your Relationship Wealth™ coach will stand by you as your personal trainer, moral support, close friend — whoever you need. You’ll begin to understand that you aren’t defined by your hang-ups — you’re free to start fresh. My thanks to my coach for helping me through self-realizations and deeply-rooted hang-ups. – Kelly – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

I learned that being open and up-front about things is much easier to deal with than the consequences of withholding critical information that can impact the quality of a relationship. By not communicating in truth, you taint every aspect of the relationship. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

These lessons helped me realize that I am responsible for teaching others how to treat me, especially in my close relationships — kids, siblings, parents, and friends. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

The most important benefit I experienced was respect for myself and increased self-esteem. Through Relationship Wealth Enterprises, I learned how to accept who I am and the things I’ve done in life — both the “good” and the “bad. – Julie – Personal Development Performance Coaching, Individuals

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If you’re not satisfied with your marriage, you can do something about it. This is for those who are looking for more out of their marriage:

  • Greater intimacy
  • Better communication
  • Less conflict

This program is designed specifically for individuals whose partners don’t want to change or don’t see a need for change within the relationship. If this describes you — there is still hope for your relationship. In this program, we focus on your role in the marriage, helping you use the principles of Systems Theory to positively influence your relationship environment, bringing you greater happiness and contentment without trying to manipulate or change your spouse.

Other materials include our Values Fingerprint™ Analysis and Universal Currency™ curriculum — each designed to help you better understand and explore your needs, motivations and expectations.

If both you and your spouse are interested in Marriage Performance Coaching, check out Marriage Performance Coaching (For Couples).

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